Being old is not for the fainthearted

“Practical Affairs” is a thought-provoking film that delves into the delicate topic of taking control over one’s own life and death. At 76 years old, Warmolt explores the concept of autonomy in decisions his passing rather than leaving his fate to uncertain circumstances. His quest leads him to discover a method for self-applied euthanasia using pure helium gas, a controversial yet humane approach when undertaken with the informed consent of those in one’s close environment.

However, Warmolt’s decision to pursue this method puts him at odds with his children, who are apprehensive about his intentions. Their reluctance to support his latest obsession creates a stigma around his choices, leading to frustration for Warmolt. Undeterred, he begins to prepare for his death, including documenting passwords and personal details such as his preferred urn.

The film takes viewers on a journey through his personal decisions and the emotional confrontations that arise as he prepares for his self-euthanasia with helium. While Warmolt is resolute in his decision, the path he has chosen proves to be far from easy, raising complex questions about life, death, and the power of an individuals choice.

The decision does not necessarily mean it is an easy feat to accomplish.