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The online release of Tarikat published on Aeon 
Fausta Noreikaitė writes an essay on Death of Darkness on Goshort
4-star review on film After on Indy Film Library by Jack Brindelli
Dutch Talent announced on Entertainment Business 
Jasmijn Schrofer wins a Wildcard with Tarikat
Tarikat on Docudays UA
An Essay by Jasmijn on Light and Darkness published in POM Magazine
Serious Film Nl – Death of Darkness:  A film essay by Jasmijn Schrofer on Light.
Tarikat wins Cinedans Dioraphte Award mentioned in The Theaterpaper
Artists Portraits by Jasmijn Schrofer for Holland Festival 
Music composition for Tarikat shared by Kaveh Vares
Death Of Darkness as video on demand on Mubi
Jasmijn Schrofer talks with Film Director Coco Schrijber on 
After on moviemeter
Jasmijn Schrofer’s films on Filmvandaag 
Jasmijn Schrofer ‘Most Famous Work’ on Flixi 
Tarikat Wins (Again) A Prize At Cinedans 2016 published by Nanette Edens
Tarikat, After and Death of Darkness on Letterboxd


Podcast interview with Jasmijn Schrofer about the meaning of darkness and light. Listen via PodNL or Spotify.
A Wonderful Chaos Podcast– Jasmijn Schrofer discusses her film Death of Darkness with Andy Chaleff and Bambos Dimitriou.
A conversation/interview with Jasmijn Schrofer by Nadine Reumer on In Her Lens, a Podcast on female filmmakers.  or via Amazon Music – ‘In Her Lens’
‘I waxed  private parts’ A Wonderful Chaos podcast full version or excerpt

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