Apart from being… What do I identify with and why is that important?

I ’m an independent artist or say director/conductor, who works with food and film. Apart from that, I identify most with my star sign being a Leo, and water monkey. The human design also has an interesting system that has exposed me to who I am which is a Projector. Check it out, but now more about me…

Jasmijn Schrofer - About Me

What have I done so far?

I do things around experiences; made serval short films and create food experiences. I made a film on young students’ after parties and the disappearance of darkness in Africa. More recently dived into food design and joined a Market theater company. Here my love for food and art comes together and get a chance to further expand.

“I am a visual poet. I love culture, working with food and film to give perspective on life”

How would I describe my work?

I would say my film work is visual poetry. My latest films Death of Darkness and the director cut: Birth of Light are Essay films. My work is an experience, it’s not a standard documentary you watch and learn of.

Why do I make work?

I like the feeling of becoming more aware and the idea of leaving the world better than it was before. I make work to connect (inclusively) and to understand what we are so I’m interested in transforming ‘the ‘viewer’.

Where did I grow up and go to school and how is that relevant?

I grew up in the Netherlands and went to the school of youth talent where I had the privilege to explore different mediums. Non-verbal storytelling (and being moved by it) fascinated me and that’s how I got into making performance art videos. After this, I continued to study filmmaking with a focus on directing and documentary at the N F A. In 2016 I graduated with a multi-award-winning film on a ritual trance dance / with an immersive dance documentary named Tarikat.

Is what they taught me what I’m good at? Or what am I good at?

I learn by looking, especially from the moment when immerged in the world of dance during the entire periode of my high school. I’m good at mastering systems and creating concepts. I enjoy brainstorming as it allows me to be unorthodox (out of the box). I believe my Chinese, American, and Dutch backgrounds gave me a unique lens as a storyteller. It taught me to embrace differences.

Anything else I want to add?

I ’m currently based in Amsterdam & Nairobi (because of my boyfriend) and I’m setting up a company, and a foundation named Clinch. I refer to my news page and projects to learn what I am up to.

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Co - Creation Process


Goals and Objectives

We define a vision and destination as a guide throughout the process with an interview or questionnaire.

Creative Development:

I listen to your brief and develop a visual perspective/design for your story.

Concept Presentation

I present my idea to you for reflection and feedback.

Content Creation

We start shooting and collecting the materials based on the script.


Review my first draft for adjustments.


We finalize the version and share the final result.

Collaborations & Partners

Artist Associate of dance company ICK, Amsterdam

Coach for African Slum Journal since 2020

Food Designer and education program developer at Het Markttheater.

7 Billion Presidents Org Ambassador