About me

I‘m Jasmijn Schrofer, an independent filmmaker with a unique blend of cultural backgrounds, currently based in both Amsterdam and Nairobi.

What I do

I love crafting visually poetic films that delve deep into the human experience. My portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects, each telling a distinctive story in a unique way. With my work I have won several awards among which the audience award on Sheffield Doc Fest, the Best Film of all the graduation films and the VPRO Documentary prize. My awards and achievements are further listed on my film page.

Why I do it

I believe in the power of storytelling to foster understanding and inclusion. My work is a bridge, connecting people and perspectives, and it’s driven by curiosity and a desire for making the world a better place.

Lately I’ve been spending half of my time in Amsterdam and hald in Nairobi, I am continuously inspired by the diverse cultures and stories that surround me. If you’re seeking a filmmaker with a proven track record of creating award-winning content and a unique cultural perspective to bring your vision to life, I look forward to connecting with you. Learn more about our collaboration opportunities below.

My background

My filmmaking journey began at the School of Young Talent in The Hague and continued at the Dutch Film Academy, where I graduated in 2016. My multicultural heritage, combining Chinese, American, and Dutch roots, grants me a unique lens for storytelling.

My latest work

Birth of Light: My latest creation takes you on an extraordinary journey to one of the darkest and driest places on Earth – Northern Kenya. Here, I had the privilege to witness the transformation of a nomadic community as they experienced electricity for the very first time. This project is nothing short of a cinematic adventure, delving deep into the heart of societal change and its impact on a marginalized community. Through stunning visuals and heartfelt storytelling, ‘Birth of Light’ offers a unique and thought-provoking perspective on a world in transition, making it a true cinematic experience.
Upcoming: I’m currently working on “Minorities and Our Ecosystem,” a project that sheds light on climate change through the unique perspectives of indigenous cultures.

Collaborations & Partners