Birth of Light (2022)

The director cut Death of Darkness | Short Documentary


This is a visual poem about the journey towards enlightenment of a group of Turkish Sufis.


This documentary shows us what the Afterparty is about in a discreet and non-sensationalistic way.

Practical Affairs

Warmolt (76 years) talks about age; his children would rather stay out of it. So he writes down things that will be useful after his death.

Waxing Is Not For Pussies

In a Wonderful Chaos Podcast, Bambos & Andy interviewed me about my six-month experience and insights working in a waxing salon specializing in Brazilian waxing.


Short dance film on 16mm Cinedans, InShadow en Migrations.

If there was to be a label on my films, it would say 'desire', or 'visual poetry'. Words that want to say exactly what they themselves fall short.

Awards & Events


  1. 25th Annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival – Tarikat. (April 7 – 10, 2022 | Durham, North Carolina)
  2. Eastern Neighbours film festival – Tarikat. 
  3. Dutch shorts premiering at Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen. -. Death of Darkness) (Jasmijn Schrofer, NL 2021)
  4. – Ep 101 LIVE | I wax private parts with Jasmijn Schrofer. (Sep 08, 2020)
  5. Moving Futures Festival 2017 – Tarikat | Jasmijn Schrofer.
  6. – Finissage Weekend Speaker. 
  7. 19th International Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris (October 1-10, 2021 Online Edition) – Death of Darkness. 
  8. Festival Why Not Nl – Jasmijn Schrofer: Tarikat 61st Cork International Film Festival 2016 – New Horizons International Film Festival.
  9. 2016 – Odense International Film Festival.


  1. 2015 – The KNF-PRIJS prize from the Dutch Film Critics
  2. 2015 – VPRO Best Documentary prize 
  3. 2015 – Film Fund Wildcard Prize Documentary
  4. 2016 – Loikka Dance Film Festival – Student Award 
  5. 2016 – Cinedans Dioraphte Jury Award – Best Film
  6. 2016 – Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival – Best Editing
  7. 2017 – Best Director Award Tarikat – Dutch Film Academy
  8. 2017 – Stories We Dance Italy, Best Director & Audience Award
  9. 2017 – Festef, Serbia, Silver Shepherd for Foreign Film 
  10. 2017 – La Guarimba International Film Festival, Special Mention
  11. 2016 – Huesca International Film Festival – Special Mention
  12. 2016 – Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival – Best Editing
  13. 2016 – Loikka Dance Film Festival, 2016 – Student Award
  14. 2016 – Sheffield Doc/Fest – Short Doc Audience Award
  15. Fracass, Grenoble Film Festival – Special Mention

C o m m i s s i o n e d

Koninklijke Academie voor de Beeldende Kunst [ K A B K ] >> Life After The Academy series // H O L L A N D F E S T I V A L videos over; William Kentridge, Faustin Linyekula, Stockhausen, Wunderbaum, Bill T Jones, Margaret Leng Tan, Calliope Tsoupaki, Michiel van der Aa, Akram Khan, Darcy James en Emio Greco // I C K A M S T E R D A M >> Portretten van de dansers // Art Director and Assistant Director P A T T A X N I K E // Architecture label NAMELOK lookbook video >> MOONDAY (2de prijs 60seconddance) // fashion video’s voor S U P E R T R A S H en IBANA en LOEKIE MULDER // RSA animatie voor EUROPEAN GOLF COURSE OWNERS ASSOCIATION // VOEDSEKBANK AMSTERDAM reclame met Pepijn Schoneveld // Dansfilms voor Leah Jacob en Iris van Peppen // Afteren promo video voor 12startup weekend YES!DELFT // Tv-reclame voor K F C ‘What can you do best?’–campaign