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Amidst this crisis, Kirisia Forest stands as a beacon of hope for the Samburu community, serving as the primary water catchment in the region. However, over the past two generations, the forest has faced encroachment and degradation. In the face of this catastrophe, Saningo Dimero, an artist, utilizes the enchanting power of music to navigate his people through the hardships of climate change. With his voice, he educates the community on the importance of respecting the forest, highlighting its critical role amid predicted severe weather patterns, and hope for a brighter future. As a respected guardian of Samburu traditions and values earned recognition as a young leader and received awards for his unwavering commitment.

How you can help?
Now after one year of hard work has resulted in great material nearly ready to shared. For the film to be captivating and impactful we still need a budget of €5300 for the post-production phase.

We’ve chosen not to utilize crowdfunding platforms to ensure that the majority of funds directly support our cause. Help us make an impact by sharing this video and accessing the donation link below. Thank you for reading and watching!

Amount required
5300 euro
Expected Release date
July 2024
African Slum Journal

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Action needed

Our film is driven by the urgent need to address climate injustice, particularly within marginalized communities in Africa. By sharing the story of the Samburu community and their struggle against the climate dilemma, we aim to shed light on the challenges these communities face to adapt and mitigate climate change.
By screening the film within the community itself, we aim to drive meaningful change, fostering a dialogue about the crucial role of the forest and the importance of considering sustainable alternatives for livelihoods while preserving cultural heritage. We look to involve relevant policymakers in the Climate Change space like the UN and embassies. For international impact and advocacy, we’ll submit the film to festivals like Movies That Matter that focus on human rights and climate problems.