Minorities in our Ecosystem - Eps 2.

'Roots Of Survival' with the Hadzabe in Tanzania

An almost extinct indigenous African community’s way of life is at stake as climate change makes it increasingly difficult for the next generation to continue their traditions.

Our Story
Duduqe, a leader of a small Hadzabe community, teaches ancient wisdom and survival skills to the next generation, preserving a way of life that has lasted for thousands of years. Among his students, a young boy feels the weight of keeping this traditional knowledge alive while facing modern challenges like tourism and unpredictable weather.

Roots of Survival is part of our Minorities in Our Ecosystem series, which amplifies underrepresented voices from marginalized African communities facing climate injustice. See our Samburu story here.

Watch the Roots Of Survival Teaser below and follow this project for information and support.

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Hadzane, Swahili
African Slum Journal