Eps. 1 Roots Of Survival

Are indigenous tribes at threat of extinction due to the destabilized ecosystem and its decreasing biodiversity or how are they adapting to all these changes?

According to the United Nations report*, there are well over 50 million indigenous people in Africa living in co-dependence with nature. With the perpetual decline in biodiversity*, further understanding of how the changing ecosystem is impacting the indigenous people of Africa is needed.

Early this year, we paid a visit to the Hadzabe, a hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania. We spent two days with the community to learn about their way of life and get insights into their culture and dependence on natural resources. We joined them on a hunting mission to further investigate their relationship with nature.

From the hunting escapade, we understood that it is getting harder to find food as days go by and learned that a hunt’s success isn’t just mere luck but is influenced by many elements and signs from nature.

So what has been changing over the years?
Have they observed ‘nature is changing’ and do they think ‘nature is destabilized’?
How do the weather and seasonal patterns support their lifestyle?
Has it always been challenging to catch animals and find food?
And what do all these changes mean to the tribe’s future?

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Hadzane, Swahili
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